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Stage 12 Senior Science Block (in construction)
Location: Victoria Park, Perth
Completion: Due November 2018
Images: DWA Renders
DWA Architects have worked on the UFCC site for many years. The recent works complement the humble 1930’s buildings with modern education facilities. The Duncan Street, Victoria Park campus has a strong aesthetic, historical and social heritage significance. It is also part of a major heritage precinct that includes surrounding buildings.
The new Stage 12 Science facility seeks to provide the School with enhanced specialised facilities utilising the roof as passive recreation, education and performance.
Each design element seeks to engage the original architecture and provide the College with additional accommodation that is contextual and functional. The new facilities enhance the Schools universal accessibility, connectivity within the campus and provide important flexible space in a competitive market.
The project has resulted in the provision of state of the art facilities for the College while successfully providing a reinterpretation of an existing form within the constraints of heritage issues and space. The refurbished and extended building is both innovative and recognisable. 

Stage 11 Kindergarten Building
Location: Victoria Park, Perth
Completion: August 2016
Images: Greg Hocking
Extending upon the existing refurbished Pre-Primary classrooms, the new building features a large yellow shared covered area for both year groups, and has large Kindergarten classrooms with dedicated kitchens, toilets and offices.
New CBD School
Location: Perth CBD, Perth
Completion: July 2015
Images: JD Photography, SGAGS, DWA Architects
St George's Anglican Grammar School (SGAGS) commenced in the city in 2015, the first school in 100 years to do so.
Perth’s first vertical school delivers an authentic, future-focused educational experience through the use of bold colours, innovative design and contemporary finishes.
The rectangular open plan office dictated the brief being split it into layers. Breakout areas were incorporated on each floor, allowing light to diffuse into the spaces. The building fit-out meets the School needs, remaining functional and flexible. Accommodation arrangements have sought to take the best advantage of each floor and considering relationships of spaces within the building. The successful development of the rooftop recreation deck provides valuable additional amenity.
To assist way-finding, each floor was colour-coded and linked by way of stairway graphics. The team delivered the project within an extremely tight time frame and limited budget. The students and staff use public transport only. The parking below became a fitness centre supporting general well-being. The School reuses an existing structure and utilises a much smaller footprint than a traditional school, and makes use of the city’s many cultural facilities. Inner city Schooling offers opportunities for local businesses, enables access to cultural and civil amenities and presents students/school with endless potential workplace partnerships.

Stage 10 D&T / Home Economics Building
Location: Victoria Park, Perth
Completion: March 2014
Images: Robert Frith
This new building encapsulates the school’s narrative on its journey from a humble single building from the 1930’s to a modern, sophisticated education facility, spread over two campuses. The Duncan Street Campus in Victoria Park campus caters for Year 7 to Year 12 students and has a strong aesthetic, historical and social heritage significance. It is also part of a major heritage precinct that includes St Joachim's Hall, Church, Presbytery and a former convent on the school site.
The scope of the project resulted in a challenging design brief that called for significant changes to an existing building (St Joachim's School), incorporating new functionality whilst embracing the historical nature of the College site. DWA worked closely with the College, local shire, Heritage Council of WA, and sub-contractor heritage architects, during the delicate planning and design phase of the project.
The proposal sought to retain the original 1930's building, adding a second level to the structure to provide the College with additional accommodation. It also sought to retain the architectural qualities of the original building ensuring a distinction between the original and new works, whilst integrating the larger structure into the overall campus theme.
The project has created state-of-the-art facilities for the College while successfully providing a reinterpretation of an existing heritage form. The refurbished and extended building is both innovative and recognisable. It has a commanding presence along Shepperton Road that has been further enhanced with the incorporation of a large, red illuminated cross on  the corner of  the  facility, proudly announcing the College's Christian ethos.  Complimented by the surrounding landscaping, this symbol not only reflects the identity of the College but has invited the local and broader communities to see the familiar vista of the school in a different way.

Whole New Campus
Location: Harvey, SW of WA
Completion: January 2013 in collaboration with Kent Lyon Architect
Images: HAC, Perkins, DWA.
Western Australian College of Agriculture (WACOA) relocated to a new campus at Wokalup due to out-dated facilities at Harvey. Buildings include dormitories, administration, library, gym, dining hall and a commercial kitchen, staff houses, several classrooms and Trade Training Centre workshops, including major service upgrades and civil works including multi-purpose courts. This involved significant infrastructure upgrades and risk management. The new Campus state-of-the-art facilities has transformed the character and functionality of the school.
DWA Architects added functionality and campus satisfaction by delivering a contemporary, sustainable brand new integrated campus within the budget, using low-maintenance materials and energy efficient fixtures. An innovative ozone laundry system and an advanced teaching butchery allied to the local abattoir was incorporated. The many sustainable initiatives include the extension of the main water line from Wokalup, use of a Biomax system feeding adjacent orchards, and solar arrays as well as water wise and energy efficient fittings, sound reduction glazing for the train line noise, and low VOC finishes throughout. This project has been described as ‘the best agricultural college in Australia’ according to Mr. Geoff Moyle, then director of Agricultural Education. 
HAC was awarded the Best Project in The Southwest by the MBA in 2013.
Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God
Location: Aveley, Perth
Completion: July 2012
Images: Robert Frith
Award: IES - The Lighting Society - Internal Lighting Award
The distinctive feature of an Anglican school is "Providing Anglican Christian Studies and Promoting Anglican Christian Values". The proposal for this Chapel takes an additional step forward in fulfilling the objectives of a Christian education. Furthermore, the Chapel will provide an Anglican Christian focus to the Aveley district and responds to the original planning statement of "a visually strong and vertical element for the proposed Chapel use on the site - providing a project reference point".
This building is seen to bridge between the Church, School and Community, reinforcing a sense of interdependence which values co-operation, open communication and constructive citizenship within the broader community.
The design attempts to reflect these values through a distinctive and inspiring form that reflects its relationship to the School but also recognises its roots within the greater community. The design is intended to be inspiring, welcoming and embracing - encouraging a sense of participation - expressing the fundamental Christian values of the Anglican faith. The Chapel is contemporary in form, visually dynamic and engaging. It is in a prominent and significant location within the School precinct and the Aveley subdivision.
Stage 3 Middle School Block (in construction)
Location: Alkimos, Perth
Completion: Due January 2019
Images: DWA Renders
This new middle school building sweeps around the oval creating a curved portico, designed to be extended upon with future buildings. Built over two levels, the lower level will house a new temporary administration and some specialist classrooms, with the upper floor having more classrooms, a large staffroom with a balcony, and a student breakout zone. Both floors feature a large collaborative space from which all classrooms open up to and share. 

Canteen and Dining Building
Location: Armadale, Perth
Completion: February 2017
Images: FIRM Construction
Following extensive scope and cost review DWA Architects were able facilitate a much needed new canteen in addition to the student dining and commercial kitchen with VET areas of D&T and food tech giving an improved functionality for students and academic offering. The project involved the upgrade of facilities and provides valuable outcomes for the School. The value added by DWA Architects has been to work through the brief and budget constraints in a constructive manner to achieve broad upgrade works across the site and, in particular, bringing expertise in commercial kitchens and classrooms. These skills enabled the new food areas to be state of the art, and enabling the School to self-promote, plan visitor functions and extend and outsource facilities and host cooking competitions. Artworks of food themes add play and fun to the dining spaces.
The reuse of the existing facilities by refurbishing them fulfilled the sustainable objectives of the project. All sub-consultant disciplines have utilised high energy efficiency lighting and appliances along with water saving fittings. The durability of the new facilities was fundamental and interior and external materials used in the commercial facilities are easily maintainable. Stainless steel, easy clean vinyl, large pattern wall tiles and compact laminates were used extensively. Ensuring that maintenance requirements are clearly documented in the handover manuals assists the School in the ongoing care of the facility.

Chapel of St James
Location: Alkimos, Perth
Completion: September 2015
Based on a locally found spiral shell, the building has a light core at its foundation, with large sweeping views from the main chapel towards the ocean. The smaller lady chapel to the side remains tucked away as to create a quiet, peaceful area, surrounded by landscaped gardens for reflection and walking.
The impetus was to create a building that drew together the St James Anglican School, the Yanchep Anglican Parish and the community in a landmark building. The team chose an elevated rock outcrop as the ideal site. The genesis of the design was a sun bleached shell found partially buried on a deserted beach, capturing the essence and spirit. The radial design has wings that reach out to connect the environment and community. Monolithic walls anchor the design to the ground and counter the expansive glass openings. The solid wall elements continue through the building to provide the definition and backbone of the building and with a lighter eroded entry canopy, as a reminder of the changing nature of the coast and life.
The two chapels are arranged around the foyer that provides the focus of the central font. Liturgical elements are delineated by the brass floor strips. This is a building more than just for worship, it is a centre for community engagement and celebration, a hub supporting spiritual, academic and social values for the new School and wider community and represents a significant landmark in the development of Alkimos.
Year 7 Building
Location: Wanneroo, Perth
Completion: April 2014
Images: Robert Frith
The New Year 7 building at WSC provided unique challenges to provide facilities that enabled the connection of the sloping campus levels. A new split-level classroom building provided a HUB for year 7 students entering the school and the “Transitions’ themed integrated artwork seeks to inspire students and welcome them to the College. The key design features were to embrace natural light and connection with the landscape. The roof lights and transparent internal glass partition walls have successfully provided an open feel with connection to the bush setting at all times, whilst verandahs provide shade and protection and overall site improvements were made to address the level of universal access across a very challenging site.
The College principal has been an avid supporter of the campus upgrades and attests to the significant impact the new facility has had on the school community.
“The impact of the beautiful building they designed has been to support improvements in many aspects of the schools performance; enrolments, attendance, academic results and, in particular, our standing in the community.”
– Pauline White (Principal)

Stages 1-7
Location: Aveley, Perth
Completion: Stage 1 2007, > Stage 7 2015
Images: Andrew Pritchard (Stage 1), DWA (others)

Stage 1: Junior School Buildings
Stage 2: Admin, Library, Staffroom Buildings
Stage 3: Science Building
Stage 4: Multi-Purpose Building
Stage 5: Classrooms
Stage 6: D&T Building
Stage 7: Senior Classrooms + Hardcourts

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