St George’s Anglican Grammar New CBD School

Perth CBD

Anglican Schools Commission

July 2015

St George’s Anglican Grammar School (SGAGS) commenced in the city in 2015, the first school in 100 years to do so.

Perth’s first vertical school delivers an authentic, future-focused educational experience through the use of bold colours, innovative design and contemporary finishes.

The rectangular open plan office dictated the brief being split it into layers. Breakout areas were incorporated on each floor, allowing light to diffuse into the spaces. The building fit-out meets the School needs, remaining functional and flexible. Accommodation arrangements have sought to take the best advantage of each floor and considering relationships of spaces within the building. The successful development of the rooftop recreation deck provides valuable additional amenity.

To assist way-finding, each floor was colour-coded and linked by way of stairway graphics. The team delivered the project within an extremely tight time frame and limited budget. The students and staff use public transport only. The parking below became a fitness centre supporting general well-being. The School reuses an existing structure and utilises a much smaller footprint than a traditional school, and makes use of the city’s many cultural facilities. Inner city Schooling offers opportunities for local businesses, enables access to cultural and civil amenities and presents students/school with endless potential workplace partnerships.

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