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Swan Valley Anglican Community School Chapel of the Holy Wisdom of God

Aveley, Perth

Arch Diocese
Anglican Schools Commission
Swan Valley Anglican Community School

July 2012

IES – The Lighting Society:
Internal Lighting Award

The distinctive feature of an Anglican school is “Providing Anglican Christian Studies and Promoting Anglican Christian Values”. The proposal for this Chapel takes an additional step forward in fulfilling the objectives of a Christian education. Furthermore, the Chapel will provide an Anglican Christian focus to the Aveley district and responds to the original planning statement of “a visually strong and vertical element for the proposed Chapel use on the site – providing a project reference point”.

This building is seen to bridge between the Church, School and Community, reinforcing a sense of interdependence which values co-operation, open communication and constructive citizenship within the broader community.

The design attempts to reflect these values through a distinctive and inspiring form that reflects its relationship to the School but also recognises its roots within the greater community. The design is intended to be inspiring, welcoming and embracing – encouraging a sense of participation – expressing the fundamental Christian values of the Anglican faith. The Chapel is contemporary in form, visually dynamic and engaging. It is in a prominent and significant location within the School precinct and the Aveley subdivision.

Derwent Construction

Robert Frith