Wanneroo Secondary College Music & Dance Building

Wanneroo, Perth

Department of Finance
Department of Education


Australian Institute of Architects WA:
Commendation for Public Architecture

The underlying principles were to explore the development of art forms in music, art and architecture and whether they can communicate with each other and establish a dialogue that would evoke an emotional response to those within and beyond the school campus – ‘eye music’, enjoining building form with a visual abstraction of dance and music explored in juxtaposition patterns of colour.

The school campus was built in the 1960’s and influenced by the red brick British educational institutions of that era. There were no visual signs of energy that expressed the dynamics of youth from within the campus or adjoining street.

The new and adjourning refurbished buildings have energised the campus both visually and emotionally. These buildings have provided a public amenity within the public domain via its presence through the cooperative relation between Architect and Artist.
The new building opens up a main courtyard to the existing adjourning building and generates links to the existing forecourt and school landscape to create a strong presence to the street and is set within the existing landscape allowing the levels to flow and filter out through the tree-scape.


Acorn Photography